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Monday, September 11, 2017

The cause and remedy for urine foam.


Click here to get it Bengali  Try to know what is your urine foam? Try these small signs of the body, which can be easily understood by any body in the body. Whether it is hidden in the left hand, it is hard work to understand that death is hidden. So learn to learn body language for the time being. Just say, urine. It is possible to make clear concepts about more than one secret change in the inner body of the urine. Many people have foam when urinating. Why is this known?

The survey report says that in almost 90 percent of cases, ordinary people think that urine is very high because of this. Although this pattern is not entirely wrong. However, there is no disease or role of a disease many times in the urine spasms. However, there are more signs of becoming foam in urine.Such as:1. If there is a change in urine patterns due to a disease, then the palm, legs and mouth will start to sweat.
2. As well as fatigue, loss of appetite, dizziness, vomiting, loss of sleep, symptoms of urination in the urine will start to manifest.3. Bladder is very common in the form of foam that is very quick in urine. But if you come to the context of the disease, then when it shows the lack of water in the body, the first symptom is that the foam is found in urine.4. If there is such problem with protein or Albumin increases in urine, if the kidneys are decreasing, and if the spark is not right, then there is such a problem. In context, the function of kidney is toxic elements present in the blood, through the urine. But when the power of the kidneys is decreasing, then the urine starts with urine as well as the waste. Protein becomes exposed to air when it comes to air. If the urine has foam for a few days, then it should be consulted with the doctor as soon as possible.Kidney is one of the vital organ organs of the body. So if this organs can not work properly then there is danger. That is why it should not be light chalacha to get urine foam.
In fact, due to which the risk of kidney damage is due,1. Diabetes2. Chronic Kidney Disease3. High Blood Pressure etc.So if anyone has any of these diseases and signs of urine foam are also revealed, then be careful. In this case, it will be necessary to start with appropriate treatment to know about the symptoms of the symptoms. If not, there will be no way except wearing a death.
In fact, due to another disease, urine is often foam. What is that disease? According to the body rules sperm uretore will come out of the body. But when this does not happen, when Symen goes towards the urinary bladder in the opposite direction, there are many types of physical problems. One of which is urine foam. This disease is called Retroged Ejaculation in the medical terminology. In this case, the doctor should consult first. If you need it, then a few tests of urine samples will be caught and found to be the reason for the foam.
After knowing what is the reason for it to start treatment like that. If Kedney has a urinary spasm due to a disease, then the treatment needs to be started. Once the disease gets healed the symptoms will start to decrease.Occasionally it is normal to have urinary foam. There is no reason to worry about this. But if you see this happening for a few days, do not forget to consult the doctor. Also, the issues that need to be kept in mind are whether the urine is bleeding with urine and the discomfort of any other discomfort.Click here to get it Bengali
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