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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Simple solution to asthma problems

Click here to get it Bengali Asthma or asthma is a long-term respiratory disorder. Increases sensitivity of the airways for this inflammation. As a result, cough, breathing difficulties and chest pressure are felt.A key component of asthma treatment is regular, continuous use of respiratory suppressor medication or anti-inflammatory or steroids inhalers. Regular use reduces the inflammation of the airway. As a result, other symptoms of asthma including cough and respiratory problems improve. In addition to the steroid inhaler, other asthma medicines, such as Muntilukust, Long Acting Theophiline, Antihistamine, and the necessary asthma medicines are needed to use salubital inhalers.

Asthma medicines should never be stopped suddenly. After the symptoms of asthma have come under complete control, the doctor's advice is to stop the medicines gradually. You have stopped all medicines suddenly before the disease, which should never be done.In addition to medicines, an asthma patient needs to know the healing factor of the disease or the trigger factor. Such as dust, drinking cold water, air temperature changes, breathing injection etc. But everyone may not be a trigger trigger. So you or any asthma patient should, identify the trigger factor for its disease and avoid it as far as possible.You can live a normal life by regularly taking correct medicines, full control of asthma through proper medicines and methods. However, it is better to take treatment from a chestnut specialist.If you like your posts, thank you or you can come here to comment. If you see your comments, we get the courage to post well.Give everyone the opportunity to see and share your friends. Someone will benefit from your share! Follow our site to get all types of medical services every day. Click here to get it Bengali

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